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The Soprano, the Monster, and the Dragonslayer is a magical story of healing told in poetry and music with captivating artistic elements. 

Follow the journey of the Soprano as she struggles with a Monster who threatens her very essence—her voice. With the help of a skilled Dragonslayer, she must be brave enough to face the Monster, but will she emerge victorious?


The Soprano, the Monster, and the Dragonslayer tells the tale of a Soprano, long ago, who was faced with the decision to save her life, though doing so meant threatening the essence of her existence—her voice. With the help of a fearless Dragonslayer, she must defeat an evil Monster with fiery eyes and snake-like tendrils. After the battle, the Soprano's voice is heard in poetry and music, which is illustrated by the enchanting artistry of Carol Collett of Carol Collett Desert Studio.

Inspired to produce artistic products with positive rippling effects throughout the world, Vashti formed Butterfly Effect Productions, Inc., and in 2014 released her first album, The Heart of Things. The following year, her album Path to the Sun, Moon and Stars was born. Last year, Vashti decided to capture her story in poetry and music in a book now called, The Soprano, the Monster and the Dragonslayer, and began to search for an artist to illustrate her work. She reached out to her friend, Carol Collett of Carol Collett Desert Studio, because of Carol's exquisite artistic sensibilities. Carol was excited about the project, and her beautiful work and Vashti's poetry seemed meant to be. 

If you would like to know more about Carol's work, contact her at: You can reach Vashti through the Contact Form on this website. 


eBook ISBN:9781543990140  
Paperback ISBN:9781543990133